Democratizing the internet of things for everyone

Idealgap IoT platform is ideal for managing a large number of different assets. Now you can manage fire sensors, water meters, solar panels, temperature sensors, vehicles or any other asset in real-time in one place.

We supply hardware that can be retrofitted with existing systems or you can buy a range of hardware for different applications from our store.

Asset Hub

Asset hub maintains digital copies of all your assets and lets you view them on a map or a list.

Asset Management


Make sure all your assets are online and performing.

Create Incidents

Incidents are generated automatically and notifications are sent to all the team members responsible for looking after that asset.

Create Maintenance Plans

Create maintenance plans on the platform and assign to dedicated team members.

Fleet Management

Optimise your fleet management by obtaining information on routes, speed and distance. Never lose sight of your assets by finding their real-time location on the map.

Team Management

Collaborate with your team on the platform to save time and ensure effective asset management in stressful situations. Assign tasks to  your team and communicate in real-time.

Manage your users

Assign tasks

Real-time messaging


Take advantage of our logs, reporting & analysis tools to better understand your assets performance, provide effective customer service  and gain valuable insights for future upgrades.

Customisable Dashboard

Visualise your different asset information in one dashboard. Create custom layouts that display the information you only want.

Company-wide event notifications

Company-wide reporting


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Available on Desktop, iPhone/iPad and Android.