Our Universal Sensor Module easily integrates with most common electronic systems. It provides a cost-effective, fast and secure way to enable remote monitoring and control of your legacy systems. Easily integrate our hardware with a variety of sensors to enable remote monitoring and management.

Interfaces offered

  • 8* Digital IOs
  • 1* k-type thermocouple
  • Power Input 7V - 40V DC
  • 2* 4-20mA
  • 2* User-Selectable ports for Sensor outputs - 0-5 V DC, 0-10 V DC or Resistive output


Temperature Monitoring

Pressure Monitoring

Air Quality Monitoring

Light Intensity

Any sensor could be connected seamlessly with our Universal Sensor PCB.

Would you like to monitor temperature for a large number of facilities?

Take advantage of our platform to manage your sites effectively.

  • Easily view a large number of sites on a map or as a list
  • Create automated maintenance plans
  • Create Incidents and assign to team member
  • Learn from your data to make effective decisions

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