Utilities & Energy

Life in the agricultural sector is unpredictable enough without being at the mercy of inferior data. With IoT you can make decisions based off real-time meteorology, weather, temperature, wind, and rain reports. You can also streamline your business by optimising water and fertiliser usage, monitoring herd health, and creating automated systems to save time and money.

Remote meter readings

Discover usage patterns and gain valuable insights into your grid while saving time and money on on-site meter readings and manual data processing. Smart Asset sensors connect to your existing technology and will transmit data for years before requiring a change of battery.

Optimise business processes

Keep a reliable battery backup supply available at all times, and have instant visibility over potential faults and issues. You’ll be able to offer superior service even when your network is down.

Unavailability of data from your business processes & systems keeps you away from finding useful insights. With idealgap IoT platform, you will be able to learn from data from your systems & processes to find patterns and optimise the processes to save cost and time.

Electricity pole surveillance

Strong winds, traffic accidents, earth movements and other factors can tilt electricity poles, causing mechanical tension and cable breakages. The quicker you identify and isolate these issues, the least costly and far-reaching the repairs. IoT devices allow you to monitor critical parameters of electricity poles and conduct preventive maintenance and give you early warning of potential issues.

Manage stock

Keep your customers happy by maintaining enough stock in your storage facilities to ensure the best coverage. Eliminate manual checks and create a real-time, lean and efficient stock management process.

How are different businesses taking advantage of IoT?

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